Write Articles & Earn RECAP

If you are interested in writing news, articles or reviews, you can earn RECAP coin for each successful contents. Please read this guidelines before submitting your news articles:

  • Step 1: Make sure you have RECAP wallet address to receive rewards. And don’t forget to read this article about “How to write successful articles to earn RECAP coin?”
  • Step 2: Only proceed to “Step 3” if your content is blockchain related. Else submit all non-blockchain related articles to Buzzer Nepal.
  • Step 3: Currently there are two methods of submitting articles. (a) You can submit your article from RECAP Governance for master-nodes voting which gives you 100% reward but costs you 5 RECAP coin upfront. (b) You can submit your article here filling up form available below which does not cost you any RECAP coin but you will get only 90% reward.

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