About CoinDesk Nepal

CoinDesk Nepal is the Leading Decentralized Blockchain news portal of Nepal and Nepali community across the globe.

It runs on censorship-resistant mechanism built upon RECAP blockchain. Articles are not controlled by anyone; not even a company or a person or a government. Users can submit articles related to blockchain information; articles are then voted by master-nodes to get published. Article-writers get reward in RECAP coins determined by median reward value from ReviewCapital on monthly basis. CoinDesk Nepal is the first of its kind as decentralized news platform.

With the mission “To empower people through the use of blockchain technology”, CoinDesk Nepal was formed in May 2020 to improve the digital literacy of the general people with the blockchain technology. We cover the social and economic disruption that the blockchain technology along with crypto currency brings. By bringing News, Articles, Events and Forums we aim to reach millions of people as an authoritative source of information about digital assets.